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A leading supplier of Kratom in the U.S., Jackson’s Botanicals offers an extensive variety of the highest-quality, lab-tested Kratom Products on the market to supplement your health & well-being!

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“I’ve been a customer since 2013 and can confidently say that Jacksons is the best product on the market. The fact that they manufacture and mill the kratom here in the United States is a huge bonus and the product supports this!”

Kevin M.Verified Buyer

“It’s very hard to find stem and vein capsules here in the U.S because there aren’t many companies who are milling their own product. Luckily Jacksons always has them in stock and they have been the perfect balance in my kratom routine.”

Conner B.Verified Buyer

“I have been using Jackson’s Kratom for a decade now. Sam has always provided the best customer service in the industry and the product they provide is superior to everything else I’ve tried.”

J. HardenVerified Buyer

What is Kratom?

New for many in the West, the kratom tree (Mitragyna speciosa) is well-known in Southeast Asia. But what makes this tree so special? It all starts with the rich, green leaves. Inside, researchers have identified 40+ compounds called alkaloids that are responsible for kratom’s effects. Believe it or not, the kratom plant is a member of the coffee bean family, which is why it’s often used for its stimulating-energizing effects.


How Does Kratom Affect the Body?

In Thailand, laborers would consume kratom powder to enhance physical endurance and stamina.

These days, kratom is mainly used to support daily wellness. Some people use it as a supplement for inducing calmness or relaxing the body. While others may consume low doses to encourage focus, socialization, and endurance.


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Using only the highest-quality GMP quality plant material, we maintain strict quality control standards to guarantee consistency and potency in every batch!